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Theo Paige: fiddle, guitar, bodhrán, harmonica
Martin Simpson: high-strung guitar, guitar, slide guitar
Séamus Egan: banjo (from Offaly, Ireland, not Solas Egan)
Todd Denman: uilleann pipes
Steve Baughman: guitar
Lucas Levitsky: flute
Produced by Todd Denman

 Major Harrison's Fedora
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By combining Irish and American fiddle tunes, blues and Celtic guitars, banjo, uilleann pipes and flute, Theo has recorded fresh, lively music that reflects his playful spirit and musical mastery.

Regarded already by many as the best young Irish fiddler of his generation in America, Theo Paige is a stunningly talented musician. From the first cut, The Boogie, Theo creates a powerfully rhythmic atmosphere weaving in and out of Martin Simpson's guitar culminating with a strong bodhrán run over the final guitar harmonics. Joined by Séamus Egan [from Offaly, Ireland, not Solas Egan] and others, the energy is infectious like The Humours of Ballyloughlin and Paddy Fahy's, a set of fast driving jigs with Todd Denman on uilleann pipes and Lukas Levitsky on flute and Steve Boughman on guitar. Backed by the incomparable Martin Simpson laying blues riffs under the high-energy fiddle,Theo continues to create an irresistible sound with slinky, syncopated versions of Major Harrison's Fedora and The Virginia Reel. Two original tunes by Theo and Martin, Roy Trouncer's Doggedness and Shepherd's Delight, showcase Martin's brilliant finger-picking and Theo's highly musical character on these breathtaking compositions. A stunning debut.

"There are few musicians in any generation who can add to tradition and impart the essential ingredient of change. Without change there is no growth. In Theo Paige we have a young musician of phenomenal potential. ...His ears are wide open. His heart is wide open. And his chops on a variety of instruments are quite bewildering."
-Martin Simpson

"Occasionally a disc comes your way that simply takes your breath away. For me, this is such a disc."
-Into the Music

"a brilliant 17-year-old fiddler"
-Dirty Linen

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