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From theatrical productions to pub sessions, Todd Denman is a recognized master of the uilleann pipes, the most sophisticated and complex instrument in Irish music.

Todd began the pipes in 1980 and received early recognition when he was awarded National Endowment for the Arts support in 1982 to apprentice with master piper Denis Brooks. After four years performing in Europe and Ireland, Todd returned to the US and has been a performing presence in America since 1990. He has performed for the San Francisco Symphony, toured with folklorist and Irish music pioneer Mick Moloney and others, produced six critically acclaimed recordings as well as original theatrical productions.

Todd Denman has been performing the uilleann pipes since 1982 and is recognized as an American master of the instrument. A rare form of bagpipe native to Ireland, the uilleann pipes are bellows inflated and have the largest musical and harmonic capacity of all bagpipes in the world. Having received an NEA endowment as a young man in 1982, Todd studied in Ireland and performed in Europe, Ireland and across the US. His recordings have reached Top-10 charts and received wide acclaim in both Ireland and America. His theatrical performances have sold out and he has been a California Arts Council Touring Artist for many seasons. Combining American clogging and Irish step dancing with original choreography, Todd Denman and Aniar perform a fully theatrical musical show, entitled Soulstice.

Playing in a variety of advanced piping styles, from traditional to modern improvisations, including both period "flat" pitch and modern instruments, Todd's music combines drive and detail with a musical originality.

Todd was a founding member of the Seattle Pipers Club under Denis Brooks in 1981, and has served as President of the San Francisco Pipers Club and Editor of the national Pipers Review, and has been very active in the teaching of the rare uilleann pipes on the west coast including outreach performances for the San Francisco Symphony.

Reeds and Rosin with fiddler Dale Russ, was hailed as "one of the best Irish albums of the year" by The Irish Voice in New York and charted Top-10 sales in Dublin, Ireland. Soulstice establishes a new position for the Hammond B3 organ in Irish music, drawing from soul music-styled accompanimnent for traditional Irish music. Other recordings include A Celtic Peace with many guest artists and original tunes including African and Celtic styles, and Like Magic with fiddler Bill Dennehy and guitarist Gerry O'Beirne. Todd also produced the Theo Paige debut recording, made while Theo was between the ages of 15 and 17 and creatively interweaving Irish music and American fiddling, accompanied by renowned English guitarist and bluesman Martin Simpson.

"Todd Denman is a wonderful musician and a consummate performer with a rich and rare repertoire. He is a virtuoso on the tin whistle, flute and uilleann pipes – the most sophisticated and complex instrument in the world of Irish traditional music. He brings to every public performance an engaging enthusiasm embellished with whimsical flair. A musical evening with Todd is always thoroughly entertaining and uplifting."
–Mick Moloney, Musician and Folklorist

"What is without equal, is the utterly brilliant juxtaposition of old and new in a way that is seamless and bewitchingly natural. ...until you hear this band, you will never know what the genius of a fortuitous alliance of talented musicians can do."
–Iris na bPiobairi

"Todd Denman is a superior piper, having toured with Irish music pioneer Mick Moloney (who's troupe [also] appeared here previously). His is an understated mastery of the uilleann pipes..."
–The State Journal-Register, Springfield, IL

"Todd Denman... is now recognized everywhere as a master of the uilleann pipes and whistle."
–Irish Music Magazine, Dublin, Ireland

"...introduces the Hammond B3 organ to a role in traditional music at the hands of Dublin native Eamonn Flynn, adding clever touches of 1960s Motown soul sound."
–Dirty Linen, Baltimore, MD

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